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Where are you?
Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This few days I keep asking myself? How come I always feel that I lost my way? what gets into my head? Why anything that I do r not right at times? What I really want now? How come I keep dreaming my past? Am I going to feel blessing bcos of that?? In the sense that it make me recap my memories in the past? What make me feel that way is it I am too enxious for career or I just that stress?? Or i wanna give up? "Fenoline Yong NO WAY YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!"

I couldn't find my oldself who is the most cheerful, energetic and talkative of Fenoline Yong Lee Fong!!



I think I am a Kids Freak!
Sunday, October 28, 2007

Here is the evidence !! :)


Friday, October 12, 2007

So bored at home! I been 2 days MC thats mean I have to make up for my work place for 2 days.. Arghhh!!
Friends: Wat happen to u??

Myself: Haiz hand itch go squeeze nose swallon then affect my upper lips and part of my face!!!

Friends: See doctor alrdy?

Myself: Yup!

Damn sway!!

** Those circle part is the part that swallon!

Look so ugly lor.. don dare to go out!! Wondering how many days have to stay at home... :((


----Eye Opening----
Sunday, September 30, 2007

I always say go out must go with people who is older than u will get to see more things in yr life.. haha.. It always happen on mi.. wat abt u??

Today my mum bring mi to a place that I realli don know where is it and my mum don even know the exact location onli she know the name of the temple.. Lucky we met a taxi uncle who know this place veri well..becos he is a 佛教人。。真有缘。。。you all must be curious is a jus a temple y am I have to be 大惊小怪!!哈哈!!In my life time this is my first time to see temple got people guard at the main door to see if you r in proper dressing b4 u enter, policeman walking up n down and the best part is temple with air-con n high technology system..haha..


Things below is wat i offer

This is not the complete set that i offer it accompany with a black colour plate.. This full set is call 圆圆满满!!

I also make some wish b4 I leave the place.. Is realli something interesting.. This card is purchase according to yr zodiac then write yr name n things that u wish.. There will be a chop for u after u finish writing all yr wishes, it is chop according to yr zodiac tooo.....

So do visit u r free! :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

NOW I should realli enjoy the holiday but now I was like a wander soul don know wat can i do to make full use of my holidays? Sleep? Eat? Shopping? Kao! Is realli waste of time! Maybe gathering with friends, spend time with family and go do some sports that realli make use of my holidays if not i rather go school and grad early! Maybe I realli have the urge to work n earn money for my parents whenever I stretch my hands to take money from them for my school fee, hp bill and etc. I was asking myself: "How come at this age u still need yr parents to support u? How come u so useless? Yr parents have alrdy feed u for 21 years! U don feel the shame?" I have no choice.. I not good at my studies I have to turn one big round to get wat i realli want! Sorry DAD and MUM I promise I will earn tons of money to pay back for u.. BUT u guys have to be by my side ok?

Holidae maybe is the time to REFRESH a person
It may helps a person to STOP for awhile to think
THINK if u miss out something not yet done through yr busy schedule
From there strike for yr GOAL!!!!!!


Yeee Haa!!
Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Out of sudden I have the kick of uploading of my class photo.. I think is a waste for not doing that.. haha.. DHM0407C.. R u there? Yahoo..

Will miss the other half of my classmate we going to depart for 3 months..and also not to 4get those who r same branch with mi but in different time slot... :) We going to do FREE LABOUR soon!


Back from Bloggy mood Swing :)
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sorry pals for not updated for almost 2 months.. haha.. Jus don have the mood to update.. After i have step back to my school life alot of things realli change.. no personal life, no gathering and worse now have 2 do alot of FREE LABOUR... I do understand this call experience but I jus wan to complain!! haha..Also things do happen around us without us noticing..U guys who r reading my blog REMEMBER take a good look around u alright?









姓名:Fenoline 杨


就读书院:Shatec DHM ‘C’ 班0407

乳名:Fefe Yong, Ah Fong, 肥妹, Fei Fei n many more

国家出版:Made and born in Singapore

嗜好:Sleeping Zzzzzz, Badminton, Swimming, Talk crap, Sabo people & KTV!!!

性格:She is a Cancerian. Born to be a loudspeaker please be careful of yr ears. Will somehow present abit of motherly love (this is comment by my pals) at anytime and anywhere. Love home in nature especially large family. Love her parents, siblings, pals and kids. She loves warmth. She loves to cry too due to sensitive feeling.

Motto: Love yr home! Love yourself! Love yr pals! Then u able to deserve love!


*Keep to myself* Private and Confidential

Travel around the world

Earn tons of money heavier than my weight

Give my family all the goodies

Career Woman

Able to work in all the best hotels in the world

Donate lots of money for charity especially to old folk home and Orphanage

Master Singing Skills and able to perform on stage


People who pick up my phone return back to mi


Class SN
The class of MAD